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COLCONS | Corporate Learning Consultants is a leading company in dual vocational training and further education. Under the leadership of Dr Daniel Büttner, we offer customised training courses, workshops and digital learning solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Our mission is to improve training standards through innovative learning methods and international projects and to publicise the German dual training system worldwide. Our vision is to create a global platform for high-quality vocational training that meets the demands of the modern world of work.

Our services include dual vocational training, consulting and strategies, digital education and international projects. With a strong network of experts and a global perspective, we support organisations in improving their training standards and integrating innovative learning methods.

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Mission and vision

Find out more about our mission and vision that drive us and how we are improving training standards through innovative learning methods and international projects.

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Dr Daniel Büttner

Find out more about Dr Daniel Büttner, the founder and director of COLCONS, and his extensive experience in the field of vocational training and international projects.

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Our team consists of experienced experts passionate about vocational education and training. Get to know the people behind COLCONS.

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Read how companies benefit from our services. Discover our references.
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Research activities of Dr Daniel Büttner

Discover Dr Daniel Büttner’s research projects, which aim to develop and promote innovative learning methods and training standards.

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