Dr Daniel Büttner on COLCONS

Management consultant, trainer, coach and mediator

In parallel to my training as a banker, I studied business economics at the Hagen Distance-learning University. I subsequently worked as a legal counsel, interim manager and managing director of different companies.

Since 2007, I have focused on business training as a corporate learning consultant. In 2013, I began my doctoral studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin, in the subject area of educational science. The subject of my doctorate completed in 2017: Certificates as trust substitutes. The emergence of trust in systems and institutions. What is the significance of ISO 9001 in relation to educational services? Through my lecturing activities regular publications, and by conducting many advanced training courses, I have built a wide-ranging, practically oriented knowledge base.

Organisational consultant – Trainer – Coach – Mediator

As a corporate consultant and trainer, …

… I advise domestic and foreign organisations in Germany (also in English) and provide in-house courses on vocational training subjects. In doing so, I convey complex matters so that each participant is able to incorporate what they learn into their work from the very first day. In doing so, I convey complex matters so that each participant is able to incorporate what they learn into their work from the very first day.

Since I have been providing education and conducting training courses for many years, I am familiar with all possible and impossible situations that can arise in a teaching/learning situation. My training courses are based on action-oriented methods and techniques, such as role-play and other simulations. In computer-supported management simulations, the participants are able to connect the theory directly with the experience from their everyday work. To ensure that they can continue learning independently, To ensure that they can continue learning independently, I create company-wide learning-management systems.

In my training courses, the participants receive much more than expertise on the way. They learn how processes of change and learning function and why they are necessary. I promote the growth of individuals. And, as an entrepreneur, the business aspects are always in my sights.

Course subjects (selection):

  • Training the trainer (in accordance with AEVO)
  • Enabling training in the workplace
  • Stress prevention
  • Interaction with young people
  • Introduction of appraisal systems
  • Communication seminars
  • Feedback training
  • Conflict dialogue on all hierarchy levels

As executive coach and mediator, …

… I support, for example, young executives on their paths to new positions and manage human resources development. In doing so, I follow the principles of the Neue Hamburger Schule (NHS). As an action learning coach (certified by WIAL – World Institute of Action Learning) and mediator (FeU), I am specialised in change processes and conflict resolution. Online coaching is a tool that gives the coach greater flexibility without losing efficiency.

Qualifications and advanced training

  • 2021 Certification as Microsoft 365 Certified – Teams Administrator Associate (Microsoft)

  • 2020 MicroMasters Program: Instructional Design and Technology (University of Maryland)

  • 2020 Advanced training as systemic stress prevention trainer (Scientific Institute for Systemic Psychology and Organizational Consulting)

  • 2017 PhD in Educational Science (Humboldt University Berlin)

  • 2016 Reputation Management in a Digital World (MOOC – Curtin University)

  • 2013 Advanced foreign language training in English (Wallstreet Institute)

  • 2012 Certification as an Action Learning Coach in London (WIAL – World Institute for Action Learning)

  • 2011 Leadership of co-workers through change processes (TATA Interactive)

  • 2009 Mediation (Hagen Distance-learning University)

  • 2009 Authorised seminar leader for TOPSIM business simulations

  • 2007 Certification course „Train the Trainer“ (IHK Berlin)

Voluntary activities

  • DIHK Member of the Exam Preparation Committee „Certified Professional Pedagogues”

  • IHK Berlin Chairman of an examination committee

Expert’s activity

  • 2010 Member of the DIHK expert commission for the development of the framework curriculum for the further education degree „Certified Professional Pedagogues”

  • 2009 External reviewer of the nationwide DIHK textbook “Training of Trainers”

Publications and Speeches

  • 2017 Keynote speaker at the anniversary event of DKB Deutsche Kredit Bank S: “10 years of Dual Vocational training“

  • 2014 Author of textbooks for the long-distance learning institute of the Beuth Hochschule for the course „Geprüfte Betriebswirte (IHK)“

  • 2012 Author of the nationwide DIHK textbook „Certified Vocational Pedagogues – Personnel Development and Consulting”

  • 2011 Keynote speaker of the forum “Action-oriented examinations” on the 2nd examiners’ conference at the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • 2010 Author of the nationwide DIHK textbook „Certified Professional Pedagogues – Vocational Pedagogical Action in Fields of Vocational Education and Training“

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