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How can you encourage your valued employees to stay with your company?


Efficient further training

Machines are maintained, computers receive updates, but employees use knowledge many years old?


Thorough dual vocational education and training

Young, loyal employees are the future of any company.


Training of trainers

Pedagogical skills must be learned; otherwise, a good education is random.

“I founded COLCONS to establish sound and sustainable education and training in companies.

In Germany, all over Europe, worldwide.”

Dr Daniel Büttner

How can I help?

I support you in training and developing tomorrow’s skilled workers and successfully onboarding them – always using the most modern methods and individually adapting to your needs.

Online training of the COLCONS Academy

No “Death by PowerPoint” with a “voice from off.”

In COLCONS online courses, you can expect the same quality and performance as in a face-to-face seminar. The only difference: participants and trainers are physically separated from each other.

What you can book

  • Seminars on training topics, communication and conflict training, leadership training, management simulations (serious games), training for stress prevention
  • Coaching sessions to accompany junior executives into their next position
In-house seminars at your location
  • Your goal: To train and onboard new employees successfully.
  • My strategy: Fast learning effects through practical and interactive training
  • My techniques and tools: Modern training methods with high practical relevance, action learning, business games and digital learning platforms.
Consulting before the project start

Are you looking to digitalise your training and further education, develop and optimise personnel strategies or do you need facilitation of strategy workshops or change processes?

I will guide and support you in this process with the benefit of my extensive experience.

The result

New professionals immediately hit top form. Trainees can learn faster and feel a greater affinity with the company.

Experiences & Ratings of Dr Daniel Büttner

Welcome to the world of dual vocational training and digitization!

I am Dr. Daniel Büttner, your international expert and passionate advocate for innovative and future-oriented education and training.

As a trainer and coach, I am committed to helping you and your company succeed and seize the opportunities of the digital world. I deliver web-based and in-house training tailored to your unique needs and challenges. I will help you increase your knowledge and improve your skills to meet the labour market challenges.

As a coach, I accompany junior executives to new positions and support companies in personnel development. I ensure that you and your employees can reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

As a Corporate Learning Consultant nationwide and worldwide active

Germany, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, North Macedonia, South Africa, USA, ...

Dr Daniel Büttner



02.06.2022 | Melanie U.

Dr. Daniel Büttner knows how LEARNING works and implements this 100% in his seminars. This was, so far, the best live online seminar I have attended.

Very entertaining. Super prepared. Plenty of opportunities to get involved. Great explanations so that the knowledge sticks.


07.04.2022 | Linda H.

An all-around successful seminar, also web-based. Every day was exciting, varied and instructive.
A mentor who implements, clearly and successfully communicates content.
In this sense, thank you very much for this 🙂


09/30/2019 | Patrick

Daniel was a very attentive trainer who, despite the time pressure, took all questions and comments into account.
I was lucky to have him as my coach. He has changed my idea of training, and I am sure it will make a significant impact on dual vocational training in my institution
and the entire country of Kenya.

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Read about the experiences of decision-makers in numerous sectors and keep up to date.

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