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Establish dual vocational training according to German standards – worldwide.

Are you planning to expand to Germany with your company, or would you like to introduce dual vocational training in your home country?

Welcome to COLCONS, your specialist for establishing dual vocational training according to German standards in your company or country. We offer customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements and challenges.

Our services

We provide the methodological-didactic tools to successfully establish dual vocational training according to German standards in your company or country.

Our training methods are based on the latest scientific findings and meet the German requirements for professional training. COLCONS trainers are qualified experts with many years of experience in dual vocational training in various industries.

Methodology and Standards

Our training programs follow the German standard for trainers abroad (AdA International – Vocational Trainer Qualification (AHK)). We do this to guarantee that you develop the necessary qualifications and skills to implement dual vocational training in your company or country successfully.

We address your needs individually and develop customised training sessions tailored to your requirements and challenges.

Language support

At COLCONS, we speak English and are happy to support you in other languages with the help of simultaneous interpreters.

We emphasise the active involvement of participants in the learning process and offer practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge.

Our global scope

As a specialist in international training, COLCONS has extensive experience in India, Indonesia, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Russia, South Africa, the USA and Vietnam.

What can you expect?

Our goal is to support you in achieving your dual vocational training goals and to enable you to realise the full potential of your employees.

We proudly share our many years of experience and expertise in international dual vocational training.

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02.06.2022 | Melanie U.

Dr. Daniel Büttner knows how LEARNING works and implements this 100% in his seminars. This was the best live online seminar I have attended so far.
Very entertaining. Well prepared. Plenty of opportunities to get involved. Great explanation so that the knowledge sticks.

07.04.2022 | Linda H.

It is an all-around successful seminar, also web-based. Every day was exciting, varied and instructive.
A mentor who implements, clearly and successfully communicates content.
On that note, thank you for this 🙂

09/30/2019 | Patrick

Daniel was a very attentive trainer who, despite the time pressure, took all questions and comments into account.
I was lucky to have him as my coach. What I liked most was the realism, the honesty and also his methodology.
He made me feel good about the exam, which I passed well.

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