We have been digitized.

When people spoke in 2019 about the changes in their lives and working environment as a result of globalization and digitalization, they usually referred to trend researchers’ prognoses. In 2020, we are in the middle of a pandemic and many company employees are suddenly sitting in their home offices. We have been digitized. The pandemic has created realities that not everyone is necessarily prepared for. This concerns the possibilities for collaboration in virtual teams as well as the fact that the understanding of leadership must change.


What’s changing for you?

  • Collaboration Tools: New working tools have to be learnt, which make the new way of working possible.
  • Digital Leadership: (Digital) Leaders need a new understanding of leadership to lead distributed team members.
  • Online Coaching: New mindsets have to be established that enable a new understanding of work. If difficulties arise, employees need support – even in a virtual world. Action Learning can support problem-solving processes. (Digital) Managers get support through virtual coaching.

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