Online-Training: AdA Int. – Training the trainers International

Also suitable as exam preparation for the AdA-Int. exam.

Businesses profit from high-quality training. It is an economic engine: qualified experts increase the value of Germany as a location; they make each business competitive and attractive to customers. Individual and social expectations from dual training are increasing.

The Vocational Training Act requires a certain number of certified trainers. However, in order to provide training, a company needs a large number of skilled workers to be trained. Not only the certified trainers need pedagogical tools. The training specialists must also know how training sessions are structured and which methods are useful and when. In our 4-day compact courses, you will learn everything you need for successful training.


Learn about the most important topics according to the AdA-Int. framework curriculum:

  • Check training requirements and plan training
  • Prepare training and assist in the recruitment of trainees
  • Conduct training
  • Complete the training

Training methods

Everything that is active learning. Interaction characterizes the courses. Due to the camera obligation presentations and lively discussions are possible. Modern webinar rooms enable partner and group work. Big plus: A trainer is present and approachable during the entire seminar.

General course information

The price includes worksheets which are made available via the learning platform. The online course will be conducted in a virtual classroom. Additionally, self-learning tasks are offered for in-depth study. The preparation of their own examination materials takes place in self-study phases.

Day classes take place at the following times:

  • 09:00 – 10:15
  • 10:30 – 12:15
  • 13:00 – 14:00
  • 14:05 – 15:00

Evening classes take place at the following times.

  • 17:00 – 18:30
  • 18:45 – 20:15

After completion of the seminar, a COLCONS certificate of attendance with a unique signature will be sent. Information on proof of authenticity can be found here.

The AHK defines the examination requirements.

The examination consists of a written and a practical part. The written part is a multiple-choice test (180 minutes). In the practical part (30 minutes), you will carry out a training session as a role play on a topic of your choice.

Note: Book the optional exam preparation course if you want to take the AdA-Int. exam.

The examination dates

You can register for the exam at your responsible AHK.

Minimum number of participants

For educational reasons, the course will only hold if at least 6 participants register.

Technical requirements

Adobe Connect is used as the learning platform. The technical requirements are described here.

Microsoft Teams are also possible.

You also need either a notebook or a desktop computer with a camera, microphone and speakers.

You’re all set! See you!