Global success: the Made in Germany model

Working at the company, learning in school and applying the lessons in a practical context – Only Made in Germany dual vocational training offers this opportunity. Alongside vocational training, the advanced education offered by German providers is also highly valued. The German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) surveyed training exporters through its iMove 164 initiative. Laut Pressemitteilung des BIBB vom 19.12.2019 ist die Hälfte überzeugt, dass sie mit dualen Bildungsangeboten deutlich punkten können.

Advanced professional training is the top priority

40 percent of the providers surveyed conduct their training courses either directly abroad or at international companies in Germany – and they expect the demand to continue rising. BIBB President Hubert Esser found that a “combination of theory and practical, labour-market compliant basic and advanced vocational training” is the best way “to prepare for the rapidly changing demands of an increasingly digital labour and professional world.” In this respect, qualifications in management and in the technical, medical and social areas are at the forefront.

Forecast: International demand continues to increase

Abroad, business and government bodies are the most important clients for training offerings from Germany. Most advanced training takes place in Asia – mainly in China. This is followed by countries in North and South America, as well as African countries. Direct business partnerships are the key to developing cooperation. According to BIBB, personal contacts also play a significant part – even in the digital age!

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