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Vocational training is an essential factor for the success of companies. Vocational training is an essential factor for the success of companies. New employees are expensive, whether you train them internally or employ trained experts. To have the investment in training pay off, it is crucial to continuously develop and promote the competencies and skills of your employees.

COLCONS offers you effective training sessions with modern methods of human resources development. Our training sessions are based on the latest scientific findings and enable high learning effects. Brain-friendly methods, such as action learning or business simulations, enable participants to apply what they have learned quickly and sustainably in practice.

Our vocational training courses are designed to be practical and relevant to everyday situations to maximise employee benefit. We tailor our training to meet your individual requirements and needs, offering customised programs for various industries.

Our experienced trainers not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but also with valuable practical experience. We focus on the active involvement of the participants in the learning process to create a sustainable learning experience.

Our action-oriented training methods enable you to promote your employees purposefully and expand their competencies in team leadership, conflict management and professional development. Our training sessions help motivate your teams, resolve conflicts and retain valuable professionals in your company.

Invest in the development of your employees and benefit from the modern methods of vocational training that COLCONS offers you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, and let us achieve your business goals together.

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Welcome to the world of dual vocational training and digitization!

I am Dr. Daniel Büttner, your international expert and passionate advocate for innovative and future-oriented education and training.

As a trainer and coach, I am committed to helping you and your company succeed and seize the opportunities of the digital world. I deliver web-based and in-house training tailored to your unique needs and challenges. I will help you increase your knowledge and improve your skills to meet the labour market challenges.

As a coach, I accompany junior executives to new positions and support companies in personnel development. I ensure that you and your employees can reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

As a Corporate Learning Consultant nationwide and worldwide active

Germany, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, North Macedonia, South Africa, USA, ...

Dr Daniel Büttner

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What makes dual vocational training so successful? What is the secret behind “Made in Germany”? Can e-learning really solve all training problems? For human resources developers, entrepreneurs and trainers, this is the source of regular, current information about what is happening in the field of training: COLCONS provides information on new legislation and maintains a dialogue with successful training companies at home and abroad. Read about the experiences of decision-makers in numerous sectors and keep up to date.

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