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„Training of trainers (AdA)”

– International –

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The DIHK quality categories are, so to speak, „corridors,“ which describe the contents and structures of dual vocational education and training and make it possible to map the respective specific form of dual vocational education and training in foreign countries in a realistic manner. The DIHK quality categories are free of judgment and stand on equal footing. Essentially, it is about comprehensibly clustering the complexity of dual vocational education and training, meeting the needs of companies, and the expectations of the partners in a transparent manner. The three DIHK quality categories are divided into:

  • German dual vocational education abroad (A)
  • Local dual vocational education and training following the German model (B)
  • Local dual qualification with elements of the German system (C)

All categories are dual concepts that require the use of qualified in-company trainers. They are the heart of first-class vocational training. Trainers must be competent and have both vocational and job-specific pedagogical training to inspire young people for a profession and to be able to convey content professionally.

The Full Version „Training of trainers (AdA) – International“

includes a broader spectrum of in-company training and also reflects the country-specific characteristics of vocational training abroad. AHK vocational training services in this category largely conform to the quality requirements of dual vocational training, as described in the German Vocational Training Act as well as in the regulations for vocational training and career advancement education. This relates to standards governing the training system and standard. They contain only marginal adjustments to local conditions.

Source: Dual vocational education and training abroad, Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag e.V. (DIHK e.V.), 2019

The learning modules of the AEVO will be adapted and transferred to the international situation.

  • Learning module 1 Check training requirements and plan training
  • Learning module 2 Preparation of training
  • Learning module 3 Provide training
  • Learning module 4 Finish training

Local partners on-site communicate the regional characteristics concerning labour law regulations.


The Live Online Training teaches the contents according to the curriculum of the DIHK. The related examination is taken by an examination board of the local AHK. Further scheduling is necessary.

Course duration and implementation

According to the recommendations of the DIHK, the course duration for the full version is 80-120 seminar hours á 45 minutes (including self-paced learning). The course can be held as an on-site event or as a blended learning variant in a combination of attendance and live online seminar parts.

Seminar times

The Live Online Seminars take place from 9:00 – 15:00 (including breaks; depending on the timezone).

Seminar language

This course can be held in German, English, or simultaneous interpreters, in the local language, e.g., Russian.

Training methods

Everything that’s learning active. It’s all about interaction. Due to the camera obligation presentations and lively discussions are possible. Modern webinar rooms enable partner and group work. Big plus: A trainer is present and approachable during the entire seminar. If questions arise, they will be answered immediately.

Course information

The price includes working resources that are accessible via the learning platform. The live online seminar is conducted in a virtual classroom.

After completion of the seminar, a COLCONS certificate of attendance with a unique signature will be sent. Information on proof of authenticity can be found here.

Technical requirements

Adobe connect is used as the webinar platform. The technical requirements you will find here.

You also need either a notebook or a desktop computer with camera, microphone and speakers.

You’re all set! See you!

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