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Would you like to expand your company to Germany? Or are you planning to introduce dual training to your home country? As a specialist in international training, COLCONS has experience from the U.S., Russian, South African, Kenya, North Macedonian and Indian markets. We will provide you with the methodical educational tools of the trade according to the AdA International – Vocational Trainer Qualification (AHK – German Chambers of Commerce Abroad). We speak English and simultaneous interpreters provide support for all other languages.

Dr Daniel Büttner

Dr Daniel Büttner is an international expert on dual vocational training and digitalisation in education and training. As a corporate trainer, he conducts web-based and in-house trainings on various topics of vocational training. He supports, for example, young executives on their path to new positions and their personal development.

As Corporate Learning Consultant nationwide and worldwide active

Germany, India, Kenya, North Macedonia, Russia, South Africa, USA

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What makes dual vocational training so successful? What is the secret behind “Made in Germany”? Can e-learning really solve all training problems? For human resources developers, entrepreneurs and trainers, this is the source of regular, current information about what is happening in the field of training: COLCONS provides information on new legislation and maintains a dialogue with successful training companies at home and abroad. Read about the experiences of decision-makers in numerous sectors and keep up to date.

The value of dual vocational training

The value of dual vocational trainingTraining safeguards the future. Those who are well-trained have the best chances in the labour market, can achieve professional fulfilment and use this as a valuable platform for further development. Businesses profit from...

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We have been digitized.

We have been digitized. When people spoke in 2019 about the changes in their lives and working environment as a result of globalization and digitalization, they usually referred to trend researchers' prognoses. In 2020, we are in the middle of a pandemic and many...

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Global success: the Made in Germany model

Global success: the Made in Germany modelWorking at the company, learning in school and applying the lessons in a practical context – Only Made in Germany dual vocational training offers this opportunity. Alongside vocational training, the advanced education offered...

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